Hello Journal Lovers!

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Avid journal writer and founder of JOURNLING.

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After 28 years of loving journals, writing, and processing through thoughts, it’s time to pay it forward and share this love with you. to Journling.com.

Who is JOURNLING for?

It’s not for everyone. So don’t feel bad if the content doesn’t resonate. I look at it one of two ways: either it will really hit or it will really miss.

Why should I be here?

  • To process emotions
  • To clear your mind
  • To organize ideas
  • To record memories
  • To monitor symptoms
  • To track progress
  • To express your creativity

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JOURNLING is for you first and foremost if you have an obsession with writing by hand. Sure. We’ll talk digital journaling apps and Remarkables and Kindle Scribe along the way. But the heart of this blog is the joy of handwriting.

That’s why I showed up!

JOURNLING is for thinkers, feelers, and creatives who are just itching for another way to express that creative urge inside.

That’s it, really. It’s a good place to fall back in love with the process of journaling. And by extension to fall back in love with life.

Maybe you’re not there yet. But you’d like to be. Good enough.

You got to love SOMETHING. You might as well be honest and give more of yourself to the art of writing than you have previously.

That’s all I’m sayin’.

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Take your pick. Wouldn’t hurt to have a back up as well. 😉

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  1. Cool site! I’ve done my share of journaling, so this is is right up my alley. I subscribed so I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with next.


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