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Let’s get my intro out of the way so we can talk about you. My name is Daniel. I’ve been journaling since I was seventeen. It all started at the kitchen table of my apartment. I sat at that table with a three ring binder I found in a box of old stuff and started writing page after page after page.

That first journal was a tad emotional. But I kept writing in that binder until I turned 19. On my birthday, a friend gave me a journal. And that was it. I began writing each day as I tried to make sense of what I was experiencing.

How did YOU get started journaling?

I’d really like to know. Drop me a comment after your favorite post or just send it through the contact form here.

I really don’t care so much about whether you love the articles here, though I guess I still do. But more than that, I want to connect with real people who love the same things that I love, and who share their real stories of growth, joy, pain, suffering, disappointment, hope, and endurance.

I’m here for THAT. So please please PLEASE reach out through a comment or contact form or a tweet. I’m here, and your story matters to me.

Talk soon,


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