Not All Journals Are Created Equal

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Written By Daniel

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I bought this journal at an actual Books-A-Million bookstore while passing through Montgomery, Alabama. I could have waited a few days to order from Amazon, but then I’d miss days of journaling, and that’s never a good thing.

My first entry in this journal was April 28th. Today is May 30th. One month and two days later, this journal has three separate problems:

  • Bent hardcover
  • Torn spine
  • Weak & cracking spine

I don’t expect this journal to survive, based on its current condition. But what are you going to do, right? I’ve already filled more than half of its pages, so I might as well complete the book (one doesn’t simply ABANDON partially filled journals).

But will it survive the years to come? Will my children or grandchildren have the opportunity to read it one day? Or will it have fallen apart and the pages slipped away?

Looking Ahead…

I’ve already purchased my next journal. This time I will be testing the EXCEED hard cover ruled book. This 120 page journal notebook is 100 gsm heavyweight paper and includes 2 page markers.

I have every reason to expect more from this new journal. It looks and feels sturdier. But time will tell. Subscribe to my newsletter if you want to keep up with my latest reviews on new journal brands.

EXCEED hard cover ruled journal notebook lying on the ground